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Rticle code : 231  |   Comments: 0   |   Visits: 4601   |   Publish date: Monday, August 4, 2014   |   Author: Public Relations of Hamed High-Techs Company


Selecting of smart multipurpose machine used in roads marking and painting of Hamed High-Techs Com

The 3rd National Festival of Innovation and Bloom of Fajr of Islamic Revolution and Iran Inventions Commercialization Exhibition was terminated with introducing of the selected candidates. In closing ceremony of the festival held at Imam Khomeini Mosalla in 10th February, the selected plans and inventions were introduced and appreciated. Considering the inventions participated at commercialization sector, smart multipurpose roads marking and painting machine produced by Hamed High-Techs Company was selected as the top plan of the inventions commercialization sector. In this ceremony, representative of Hamed High-Techs Company was appreciated by the jury and letter of appreciation of inventions commercialization sector was granted to him. Application of artificial intelligence and image processing in urban services machineries for the first time is regarded as innovations of these machines. 

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