Special Traffic Nano-Paints
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Special Traffic Nano-Paints


Special Traffic Nano-Paints :

Using its unique technical knowledge and scientific elites, special chemical laboratory and workshop of Hamed High-Techs Company produces kinds of technical paints required for different traffic and beautification applications. Using Nano technology in its formulation and components, traffic paint is introduced as one of these products aims at increasing of paint longevity and durability. Once the required tests were completed, the product was produced and marketed. The product which is quickly dried is appropriate for marking of highways, parking lots, pedestrian lanes, stations as well as drawing of signs. Also, the product is used at bituminized and main roads.

The above-mentioned product is used as cold or low-temperature (-30 to 50°C at maximum) by airless spray or conventional equipment and is found in white, yellow, red, blue, and black (unleaded) colors. The product is of appropriate viscosity and longer durability which dries quickly and can be used with/without glass bead. It is appropriate for streets and parking lots with heavy trucks as well as for parking lots closed for a short time.



Special Nano-Paints suitable for Curbs and Concrete surfaces :

Special paints used in painting curbs is another product of Hamed High-Techs Company technically and uniquely formulized and produced for curbs painting. This kind of paint is produced in order to use Nano technology to increase paint durability and longevity, prevent from exfoliation of the paint from the curbs, increase reflectivity, quality and capability of filling and permeation of the paint on the curbs surface. Durability of this paint on the curbs is five times more than that of the ordinary ones with almost the same price for both kinds. Waterproofness, high diversity of colors (colorless (transparent), white, black, yellow, blue, green, red, etc. ) are of other advantages of these paints such that the transparent one may be used as the protective or waterproof layer on kinds of concrete and metal structures.  

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