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Hamed High-Techs Company is one of the most successful knowledge-based companies in I.R.IRAN. The company was established by some Iranian industrial and scientific elites in Tabriz. Thereafter, it was established at East Azerbaijan Science & Technology Park as the top technological unit in manufacturing smart full-automatic multipurpose road marking and painting machineries. At present, the company became a pioneer manufacturer considering designing, producing and manufacturing of smart urban services machineries.

Objectives & Policies

Our Goals:
Hamed High-Techs Company aims at establishing a multipurpose organization working at different modern technologies including designing, manufacturing, producing, and supplying parts of industrial, civil, and urban services tools and machineries. Producing and providing modern, high quality and best price products with the most advanced technologies for human convenience are regarded as slogan and policy of the company. To fulfill the mentioned objectives, founders and directors of the company consider divine and human values above all other profits and prioritize high technology thought serving human and nature rather than opposing them.
Technical Know-how:
Hamed High-Techs Company spends much of its potency to recognize current requirements of industry and society at different areas and provide and develop modern and innovative methods to fulfill these requirements. For this purpose, research and development (R&D) department of the company consisting of idea-making, products industrial designing, and engineering researches units strongly works using Iranian scientific and industrial elites and the most recent methods, tools, and modern software since its establishment. FMEA method is used to enhance products designing and quality potency of the unit which is a necessity of automotive companies. Innovation, registration, and production of six modern technologies as international inventions by the R&D department of the company may be referred to as achievements of the company since its establishment.
At present, the company provides industrial automation and smart and advanced control services taking benefit of experienced experts of R&D department including designing and manufacturing of modern smart PC Base ECU control system equipped to artificial intelligence and advanced image processing system.
In addition to R&D department, the company has production engineering, strategic studies and planning, marketing, sale, and after-sale services departments. The production department is consisted of laser cutting, sheet metal working, pressing, welding, machining, assembly, painting room, repair and maintenance, designing, and quality control workshops.
Attending markets:
Integration of precise scientific management, up-to-date technical know-how, high quality products, real guarantee, and effective and quick after-sale services of the company resulted in wholesale of the products and satisfaction of Iranian customers as well as exporting of the products to European, Asian and African countries. The products are welcomed abroad and the customers are fully satisfied from their quality. Product variety and using latest technologies as well as paying attention to customers’ needs are regarded as the most important factors in the company success at competitive market of urban services machineries.
Although Hamed High-Techs Company is a relatively newly-established company, it was successful in fulfilling its organizational objectives, i.e. innovation and optimization, relying on its powerful management and dynamic and elite staff. Various products, high quality and competition capability at international markets are evidences of its significant potency and dynamism. Relying on its past experiences, Hamed High-Techs Company moves toward providing other modern services and technologies for Iranian and global society.


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