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Operator training

The main post-production responsibility of every machine-producing company is appropriate training of how to use the product. The training may play a significant role in desirable use of the machine and enhancement of its productivity because lack of adequate and required knowledge may lead to inappropriate use of the product and desired function and without a comprehensive training, longevity may not be expected even if the best and high quality product is available.

For this purpose, Hamed High-Techs Company established special training unit as a subset of engineering and technical department in order to provide the most comprehensive, best and free trainings required for correct use as well as technical repair and maintenance of the products. The trainings lead to significant saving in use and maintenance costs, maximum safety and exploitation, and longer life of the products and enable the buyer to use all capabilities of the products completely and correctly.

Training method

Once the products are ready to be delivered to the purchasers, a letter containing date and place of training is sent to the buyers by central sale affairs or permitted agencies of the company considering delivery time. Carrying the required documents and letter of introduction of the related organization, the applicants refer to the training center of the company and the required trainings are offered to them after filling and submitting of the related documents.

Duration and contents of the training course

Duration of the training course varies from one to several days depending on type of product and technical capability of the applicants. In some cases, the training lasts for one week. Depending on the product, the training will be offered as theoretical and practical courses. The theoretical course includes following cases:

  • An introduction of the machine and its different parts
  • An introduction of function of mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and optical systems
  • Service and maintenance
  • Used and replaced parts and how they are replaced
  • How the machine is repaired and its functional problems are solved while the machine is working
  • Before, during, and after-use safety points
  • Answering the questions

When the theoretical training is completed, the participants are provided with practical trainings offered by technical experienced and skillful technicians of the company in a special environment simulated for this training course.

Giving qualification certificate of products application  

Following theoretical and practical courses, the participants are tested to evaluate their proficiency level. Generally, theoretical and practical courses will continue until full proficiency of the participants in the products’ system as well as its correct use is being assured. If the record number is obtained in the final test, qualification card and certificate are issued and submitted. 

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