Sale terms, conditions and places
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Sale terms, conditions and places


Sale terms, conditions and places

To be informed of sale conditions or to purchase our products, please refer to the closets offices or permitted agencies of Hamed High-Techs Company. List of permitted offices and agencies of the company will be available through contacting with the central office or sale engineering affairs of the company. 

Consultation with sale engineering department  

Establishing modern technical and specialized consultation system to guide the purchasers, sale engineering affairs of Hamed High-Techs Company is ready to answer the questions and guide the purchasers. To contact and consult with sale engineering experts, please contact +98 914 779 7900. 

Operator and products application training 

For all products of Hamed High-Techs Company, special and technical trainings about repair, maintenance and correct use of the machine are freely provided with granting of qualification certificate of product application such that operator of the product can fulfill most technical needs of the machine through acquiring of appropriate use capability. 

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