Smart Electronic Control Units
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Smart Electronic Control Units

Hamed High-Techs Company is proud to design and produce the most advanced and versatile smart electronic controllers for civil, industrial and urban services machineries especially road marking and painting machines relying on the latest technologies.

Considering market needs as well as products of the company, the systems are produced and provided in different models, prices, and capabilities. Unique system of online images processing and artificial intelligence installed on urban services machineries may be referred to as unique capabilities of the controllers produced by this company. The capability makes it possible for the machine to full-smartly perform the operations without intervention of human factors.

The controllers produced for the road marking and painting machines can simultaneously and precisely control up to eight paint and glass bead spray guns depending on their type and model. They can control thickness, width, pressure, and flow rate of paint spray using special installed systems. Depending on model, multilingual software system designed for these controllers are of special touch interface and tools used in parking lots segmentation, airports marking, curbs painting, optimal consumption of paint and fuel, calculation of costs and maintenance and troubleshooting ways of the machine in order to optimize the machine application and maintenance in different working conditions. 



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