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eSmart Series

Smart multipurpose roads marking and painting machines of eSmart series was designed and produced in three models and with a reasonable price considering its several potencies and capabilities. For the first time, it completely fulfills painting and marking needs of airports using a single mechanized machine. Using very high technology of artificial intelligence and image processing, the machines are capable to detect old curbs or markings with their vision system and smartly paint the curbs or repair the markings without intervention of any human factor.

Economic advantages

  • Multipurpose application
  • Very low initial investment
  • Quick capital return
  • Up to 20% saving in paint consumption and cost in comparison with other machines
  • Reduction of operation cost and time owing to very quick painting and marking
  • High permeation and durability of paint due to very high pressure spray
  • Very low cost of maintenance and spare parts due to very high quality
  • Very low cost of transportation and storage due to very low weight and volume


  • Full-automatic marking of Airfields
  • Smart painting of curbs
  • Execution of pedestrian lanes
  • Execution of checkered lines of crossroads
  • Segmentation of parking lots
  • Marking of traffic signs and messages
  • Painting of installations
  • Spraying of disinfectant fluids
  • Used as water jet
  • Used for pesticide spraying
  • Spraying of anti-snow fluids (urea & CMA)
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